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Post office studying Lima operations

Heather Rutz
2009-09-15 20:09:56

LIMA — The U.S. Postal Service will study moving some functions in its Lima office to Toledo, the agency announced Tuesday.

The post office will begin an area mail processing study, spokesman Victor Dubina said, looking for ways to cut costs and improve productivity. The post office is fighting a double whammy: increasing fixed costs with declining volume.

Online bill paying means the mail it circulates has fallen to 1964 levels, contributing to declining revenue, while the number of addresses is always increasing, adding to fixed costs.

About 80 employees work in the Lima Processing and Distribution Facility. The study is a long process, taking between four to six months. After that, a public process occurs, in which people can attend a hearing or comment on consolidation proposals, Dubina said.

The study will review mail processing and transportation operations of the facility. Officials will review mail volume and determine capacity needs.

Lima employees were told about the study Tuesday morning.

This year the post office will deliver 175 billion pieces, down from a peak of 213 billion pieces in 2006, to 150 million addresses. About 1.5 million new addresses are added in the country each year, Dubina said.

The post office is running between 30 and 40 mail processing studies in the country.