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Headings: !!Data Analysis Tools and Applications !!!!*Excel* !!!!*GIS* !!!!NetSurvey !!!!*Sociological Insights* !!!!*Stata* !!!!*SPSS* !!!!*StudentCHIP* !!!!Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA)

Data Analysis Tools and Applications ^

Excel :Spreadsheet and data analysis package. Very good for basic graphs and charts.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Tools :Mapping and spatial analysis.

NetSurvey :In-class web survey tool. Also useful for on-line exams.

Sociological Insights :Freeware data analysis package.

Stata :Multiple purpose statistical package.

SPSS:Another commonly used and user-friendly statistical package.

StudentCHIP :Basic statistical package and its internet version, WebCHIP.

Survey Documentation & Analysis (SDA) :Online tool for data extraction and analysis.

Excel ^


NetSurvey ^

Sociological Insights ^

Stata ^


StudentCHIP ^

Survey Documentation and Analysis (SDA) ^

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