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The British Voice Association


BVA Council

July 2006

The Annual General Meeting of the BVA for took place on 24th June 2006.

Elections to Council

There were four vacancies on Council to be filled. Two complete nomination packages were received in proper and timely fashion by 9th May, 2006 (the deadline for receiving nominations as notified to members), those of Ed Blake and Sara Harris. No ballot was therefore necessary and Ed Blake and Sara Harris were deemed elected to the Council to serve for the next three years.

The Council now consists of:

Sue Anderson

Janice Chapman

Jeffrey Davies

Sara Harris

Linda Hutchison

John Rubin

Ed Blake

Declan Costello

Graham Godfrey

Tom Harris

Moira Little

Karen Sell

President (2006/7): Janice Chapman

Treasurer: John Rubin

President Elect: Linda Hutchison

New Council members

Ed Blake, MSc (Phty) M.C.S.P SRP is an Australian-trained, Master-qualified Physiotherapist who runs a Harley Street-based Physiotherapy Clinic, which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of performance-based injuries.
As a result of patient load, Ed has developed an understanding of the potential muscular effects on the vocal mechanism and consequent pathology and has had several articles in a variety of journals published on this matter and regularly lectures on the topic of muscle tension dysphonia. He works closely with several highly skilled ENT Surgeons, Speech Therapists and Voice Coaches with whom he has assisted in pilot research projects.

Sara Harris is Specialist Speech and Language Therapist (Voice) at Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup, where she works as part of the Sidcup Voice Clinic team with Tom Harris (Laryngologist), Dinah Harris (Singing Advisor) and Jacob Lieberman (Osteopath/Psychotherapist). She started working in voice in 1978 at the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford, where, together with Tom Harris, she set up the Oxford Voice Clinic.

Over the last two years she has been responsible for running the follow-up voice clinic and has recently started a nasendoscopy treatment clinic. Sara was one of the co-founders of the Voice Research Society (now the British Voice Association) in 1985 and a joint editor of the Voice Clinic Handbook in 1998.

BVA working parties and committees:

Education Working Party

Strategic Planning Committee

BVA Awards Advisory Committee

Communications Working Party

Singing Teachers' Continuing Professional Development Working Party
(currently a working title)

Voice Disorders Seminars Working Party

Choose & Book Working Party

A committee consists entirely of Council members for administrative reasons. A working party has a wider membership, but has at least one Council member on it.