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Its practically a whole post dedicated to beautifulness, and then some other ran(dumb) thoughts.


Of course no list compiling attractive individuals would be complete without Chad from Cyclehawk,

Or the bare knuckle man-sandwich DPow sent to me;


And no sooner do I openly profess my adoration for Joe, does he show up on our doorstep.


Not only that, but he graced me with a very limited piece of paraphernalia from his days as a professional cyclist, which you know of course went directly onto the wall of shame.


And speaking of folks that are easy on the eyes- "Who are these dashing young people?" you might be asking yourself.


Well Im here to tell you that they are our friends at Imensajeros(dot)com. Theyve got some spanky new duds, and a whole new website for the world to behold.
All of that handsomeness should...No... needs to be shared with the world.

Anyhow, its raining Minneapolisites here on the Mid-Coast, as weve also been graced with the presence of Brauer Power.


And heres a shot of two medium sized dummys riding to the store on Yafros Big Dummy.


Something that he mentioned to me last night was 'never try to party with the unemployed', which was good advice, though unfortunately some that fell on deaf ears, as Im suffering from a two day hangover as I type.

This has nothing to do with my hangover, but a few folks have forwarded this article about cyclists being twice as likely to be blamed in the event of an accident.
I recall being hit head on by a cab in Denver many years ago, and actually getting knocked out of traffic and onto the sidewalk.
The next thing I remember was coming to in the ER and being ticketed for riding on said sidewalk.

Yeah.... Seriously.

Obviously my beauty did absolutely anything for ether of the ticketing officers..

You know something else thats very handsome? The following email from John;

"You've never had a party have you? Oh I'm sure you haven't. At least you'll feel that way when you see this picture. I had an easter party and i guess this is a sign of the apocalypse. my mom wasn't to terribly happy about the crank arm in the wall but shit happens when you party naked.
My alarm clock is stuck on evil.
Besides when is swobo going to come out with the drywall integrated alarm clock.


Just like any good multinational company, we have people in the streets John. People like you with an ear to the ground and who let us know what the next big trend is going to be.

A drywall integrated alarm clock you say?
Look for one from Swobo this next trade show.

Fyxomatosis has just written a little blurb about Melbournes new Knog store.


"They've opened a retail store in Chapel St, Prar-rah-han and it's a refreshing change to see a girl selling their bikes. A girl who rides, and knows what she is talking about."

Id be fibbing if I said that didnt make me feel good all over.

Ebay makes me feel good all over too, but its nothing in comparison to the way a chicken nugget that looks like Garfield makes me feel.


Sure. Why the hell not?

Alright, check this out. Im blowing out of town for a while and will be spending some time in a tailored suit.
And no, thats not a clever way of saying Im going to jail. Im getting dolled up and will be witness to a couple of crazy kids we know who are finally tying the knot, so be good while Im away.
Since Ill be having all kinds of orgies and whatever else they do in the Southland, Ill just leave you with a Friday Hero a day early.

So recently we went to see a Russian Circles show...

Well at some point, Brauer and I got so wrapped up in the excitement of it all we accosted a poor sap in a fit of head banging and air humping, spilling his beer all over himself.
As funny as it seemed at the time, I probably would have at least attempted to punch me in the face.
For honorably turning the other cheek, I offer that guy the coveted position as this weeks Friday Hero.
And on the off chance hes reading this, I owe you a new beer.
But then again, with the epic charge that resulted on my credit card, I just may have bought that beer to begin with.

Have a good few days everybody.



$7 Financial to Harlem? By bike? In NYC? How's anyone gonna make money riding 'cross the island with scab rates like that? Sum'n ain't right..

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russian circles in s cruz? i hear they blew doors on the red sparowes, who are now slouches themselves in the volume/dynamics deptmts. why did i stay home last night instead of going to B.o.t.H? gah.

- - - - - - - -

Joe Parkin?!?! WTF is he up to? I was a big fan when he rode for Tulip and Rob Roll would refer to him as a "lost tribe member"...slogging it out in N. Europe with little recognition at a time when cycling was way more below the US radar then it is could you not dig it?

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