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Eclipse DemoCamp - Event Summary

ThoughtWorks Pune hosted Eclipse DemoCamp 2009. Organized by Neeraj Bhusare of Genuitec (the guys who build MyEclipse), the DemoCamp was a congregation of Eclipse enthusiasts to meet up and demo what they are doing with Eclipse. The event was a success with 1 planned presentation exploding into 5! We had representation from organizations like IBM, HSBC, Genuitec, Azingo, Eclipsys and Xpanxion.

We kicked off with Neeraj welcoming the crowd to the first ever DemoCamp in Pune which he followed up with a series of demos of applying Eclipse Communication Framework to enhance developer productivity. The applications demonstrated how developers in remote locations could communicate with each other over XMPPS without leaving the comfort of their favourite IDE. Besides the regular IM integration, ECF allowed users to share entire views and editors with buddies; allowing for collaborative editing of documents and source files. His collaborative Sudoku solver app took the cake now that people could play fun number games with friends from within the IDE! :)

Next, Saager put in a quick 5 mintute intro to Twist, demonstrating how we can write business scenarios and workflows that non-IT folk can read and execute them.

Santosh Kumar, another IBM'er, a Prinicipal Software Engineer, spoke on ODS as applied to BIRT and the Lotus Notes Composite Application. Santosh demoed an application that used ODS emitters for BIRT that allowed report data to be export as ODS worksheets and another one that described how Lotus Notes Composite application in conjunction with BIRT and ODS could be used as a knowledge platform to semantically aggregate data from multiple sources within the organization.

Finally, Brian Fernandes demo'ed Pulse, a tool that allows you to manage multiple profiles of Eclipse based applications as well as plugins that can be added to them. Ubuntu users could think of it as a Synaptic for Eclipse; it let's you add and remove plugins to existing Eclipse distros and manages upgrades to the same. It can also handle personalized application profiles and teamsets. You can check out pictures on our Flickr gallery.

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