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EchoMail, Inc.
EchoMail, Inc. offers E-Mail and Social Media Marketing, Monitoring and Management solutions for Global 2000 Companies and the SMB markets.

Our proven tools and industry solutions increase your organization's revenue, customer retention, and productivity while allowing you to monitor your company's image over E-Mail and on Social Media. In short, we provide a single easy, fast and affordable solution for E-Mail Marketing, E-Mail and Social Media Monitoring, and E-Mail Management.
IBM, Lotus, Oracle, Dell and Microsoft.
The EchoMail Team
The EchoMail Team is a holistic combination of MIT technologists, artists, and communication professionals. This synergistic team strives toward combining the fields of art and information technology to create innovative solutions on interactive media.
EchoMail is located at 701 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
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Gene Deans, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gene Deans is responsible for evolving strategy and enhancing the overall efficiency at EchoMail. He is an important member of the team and helps the company by identifying and recommending technology solutions to focus on. He is also responsible for the maintenance of EchoMail's world-class infrastructure and ensures the integrity of network connectivity and system level architecture.
Gene is a well-known and renowned expert in Large Scale Systems Design (LSSD) and performance tuning. Gene has earlier worked at Volvo where he was responsible for the entire production IT infrastructure, administration and support. Gene also designed and implemented innovative systems to support 24x7 operations at the IDT Corporation, where he headed technology and infrastructure.
Gene received his undergraduate degrees from North Carolina A&T State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. His graduate degree is from Rutgers University where he received a Master of Business Administration (Quantitative Studies).
Larry Weber, Director
Chairman and CEO, Weber Public Relations Worldwide
Mr. Larry Weber is widely recognized as one of the industry's foremost visionaries in applying technology to the practice of public relations. His philosophy is aggressively adopting today's technology to drive the improvement of communications.
For more than 20 years, Mr. Weber has provided counsel to a variety of clients such as Lotus Development, Marshalls, Bell Atlantic Mobile, and 3Com.
He founded The Weber Group in 1987 and within ten years his company had become one of the nation's largest and most established technology public relations firms. In 1996, The Weber Group was sold to Interpublic Group of Cos., and he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Weber Public Relations Worldwide and chartered with creating one of the world's top agencies.
Mr. Weber serves on the board of several leading institutions and emerging organizations. Mr. Weber is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council (MIMC), an organization created to promote Massachusetts as a center for interactive media leadership and to provide a powerful economic engine for New England. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Trustees of The Computer Museum in June 1996. He is committed to helping the Museum provide more sophisticated online offerings, develop a larger presence on the west and east coasts, and expand the institution's presence in Boston. He sits on the board of Curl Corporation, a start-up developer of Web application development platforms. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Councilors of the Integrated Media Systems Center at the University of Southern California, a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center specializing in the area of multimedia and creative technologies. Mr. Weber also serves on the editorial board of Lawrence Ragan Communications' PR Journal.
Mr. Weber holds a bachelor's degree from Denison University in Ohio, including a semester spent at the London School of Economics. He also holds a master's degree from Antioch College in Oxford, England.
Dr. V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Founder and Director
Director, Center for Media Dynamics, MIT
V. A. Shiva is a specialist in E-Mail technology and e-marketing methods. Clients include: AT&T, Compaq, IBM, John Hancock, Lycos, Nike, and Unilever.
Mr. Shiva has performed research in pattern recognition and classification for more than two decades. His E-Mail technology has won numerous awards and his research findings have been utilized in diverse industries: biomedical engineering, failure analysis for NASA and the U.S. Air Force, document analysis, and handwriting recognition using neural networks. He is recognized as an expert in a wide range of subjects from artificial intelligence, marketing and consumer behavior to nature cure and Eastern medicine and has presented research papers throughout the United States and Europe. Mr. Shiva was awarded the prestigious "Fulbright scholarship" to study and explore the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine. A prolific writer, his books: Arts and The Internet: A Guide to the Revolution and The Internet Guide to Publicity give a rare insight into the birth, evolution and future of the Internet and remain the preferred choice for general readers and students of the Internet nearly a decade after they were published.
Mr. Shiva was honored with a Doctorate by the MIT for his research and findings in the field of computational biology; in addition, he holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, an MS in Visual Studies from the MIT Media Laboratory and a Master's Degree in Theoretical Mechanics, MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Durai Ayyadurai, Director
Managing Director, Millennium Software Productions Private Ltd.
Durai Ayyadurai has more than 35 years experience in management, operations and finance in such companies as Colgate Palmolive, Mennen, Helene Curtis and Parke Davis. He was instrumental in the merger of Mennen with Colgate Palmolive in 1992, which resulted in the sale of Mennen to Colgate. His experience in International operations and management was a key asset in the valuation of Mennen.
As Managing Director and CFO, Durai is responsible for managing EchoMail's explosive growth in both Domestic and International markets and implementing industy best practices and processes. Durai is a recognized leader in developing and implementing Total Quality Management (TQM), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), and Just-In-Time (JIT) programs. While serving at Colgate Palmolive, Durai was responsible for developing procedures which resulted in annual savings of $300M, implementing top management directives to restructure and reduce work force by 16%, increasing overall batch yields by 2% on $40MM lbs., resulting in an annual savings of $840M, and implementing cross training programs which saved one time inventory of $2MM and annual carrying costs of $400M. Durai's senior management experience combined with his solid background in industrial engineering and quality assurance further positions EchoMail, Inc. as the leader in the industry.
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Hariharan Subramanian
Chief Executive Officer / President
Gene Deans
Chief Technology Officer
Ramachandran Subramanian
Chief Marketing Officer
Nathaniel Pine
Chief Financial Officer
Vidhya Ramesh
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
Arasu Sundaramurthy
Vice President, Operations & Customer Experience
Kannan Arumugam
Vice President, Research & Development
Sikkandar Dulkarnai
Director, Infrastructure
Jayakumar Lakshmanan
Director, Account Management
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Core Technologies
EchoMail has developed a patented platform for Electronic Relationship Management (ERM). The patented EchoMail Relationship Operating System (ROS) provides for flexible captured electronic interactions, automatic filtering, data warehousing, analytics, workflow, business intelligence and delivery through the EchoMail Relationship Management Operating System (RMOS).

Customers can license the RMOS Technology or its individual components known as The Digital Refinery. The Digital Refinery is the nucleus for multiple industry specific domain-centric software applications. The figure below illustrates the EchoMail RMOS system and The Digital Refinery.
The EchoMail Digital Refinery
Patents and Trademarks
EchoMail, Inc., Millennium Cybernetics, EchoMail, The E-Mail Company, Dr. E-Mail, E-Mail=E-Commerce, Are you Ready to Listen?, When You're Ready to Listen, EchoMain, EchoLeads, EchoSentinel, EchoShopper, are trademarks of EchoMail, Inc. EchoMail also has several patents for EchoMail's XIVATM, the core technology used in the products.

EchoMail has been granted the following U.S. Patents:
· US Patent Number 6,668,281 for its E-Mail Automation technology.
· US Patent Number 6,718,368 for its Content-Sensitive Automatic Reply Generation System technology.
· US Patent Number 6,718,367 for its Handling and Routing of Asynchronous Text Based Communications technology.
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Dr. E-Mail
V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai is Dr. E-Mail
Shiva Ayyadurai, a scientist-technologist, entrepreneur, inventor and educator, is a Fulbright Scholar, Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist, Westinghouse Science Talent Search award recipient, holds four degrees from M.I.T. and is inventor of one of the world’s first E-MAIL systems for which he received the first U.S. Copyright on E-MAIL.

Born in Bombay, India, Shiva Ayyadurai moved to America at the age of seven in 1970. He completed his secondary school education at Livingston High School. He pursued his bachelors, dual masters and doctoral degrees at M.I.T., spanning the fields of electrical engineering and computer science, media arts and sciences, applied mechanics and systems biology. Shiva Ayyadurai's research on pattern recognition and large-scale systems development has resulted in multiple patents, numerous industry awards, new computational platforms such as CytoSolve, commercial products and many industry publications.
Dr. E-Mail
Shiva Ayyadurai has started and successfully grown several start-up companies. Following his winning of a White House competition to automatically analyze and sort mail, Shiva started EchoMail, Inc., which grew to nearly $200 million in market valuation. He has a deep interest in finding ways to integrate Traditional Medicines and Systems Biology. He has appeared in The MIT Technology Review, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NBC News, USA Today and other major media. He was named Top 40 in the Improper Bostonian and has authored two books on the Internet: Arts and the Internet and The Internet Publicity Guide.

Shiva Ayyadurai has published scientific articles in conference proceedings and refereed journal articles. Shiva continues his passion for entrepreneurialism as Managing Director of General Interactive, a venture fund that incubates, mentors and funds new startups in various areas including rural healthcare, media, biotechnology, information technology, to name a few. He has been a teacher and educator to students at MIT as well as to CEOs and Executive Management at Fortune 1000 companies.

Referred to as "Dr. E-Mail", Shiva Ayyadurai is an authority on E-Mail technology and e-marketing methods; Shiva Ayyadurai oversees the creation of software technology platforms for intelligent messaging and relationship marketing. EchoMail's patented technology, XIVA is the result of two decades of research by Shiva Ayyadurai in pattern recognition and classification, signal processing, information retrieval, neural networks, natural language processing, and semantic networks. EchoMail's solutions deliver long- term, demonstrated return on investment in high-volume, customer-critical enterprise-wide applications.

As the Chairman of EchoMail, Shiva Ayyadurai's entrepreneurial and intellectual ideas provide the foundation for many of the new products that have made EchoMail a well-established leader in the relationship management arena. As an educator, he developed a series of workshops and lectures in which companies can learn to leverage E-Mail as the ultimate vehicle for relationship management between customer and the company. CEOs, CIOs, and VPs of Fortune 1000 organizations turn to Dr. Shiva as an advisor in the development of integrated e-business strategies, E-Mail marketing solutions and to help them identify processes for improving customer relationship management.

A respected member of the New England high-tech community, Shiva Ayyadurai participates in discussions with the Under Secretary of Commerce for Technology in a technology policy roundtable, established as part of the Bush Administration's efforts to ensure that high-tech industry concerns are addressed in Federal policy-making.

During President Clinton's administration, Shiva Ayyadurai joined a select group of CEOs who met with former President Clinton and Senator Kerry (MA) to discuss the use of the Internet and E-Mail for CRM and ways that the federal government can implement technology to save tax dollars while improving communications with constituents.

Shiva Ayyadurai is a member of Sigma-Xi, Eta Kappa Nu and Tau Beta Pi. He supports the Shanthi Foundation which raises money to provide scholarships for education of orphaned girls. He is also a supporter of various arts and non-profit organizations including the Guggenheim Museum, Very Special Arts, National Public Radio and the National Geographic Society. Shiva Ayyadurai enjoys yoga, travel, tennis, animals, art and architecture, and lives in Belmont, MA, USA.
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