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UN-Worldly News Monday
ImageSo many important, newsworthy stories are clogging up the headlines today that these awesome news items were overlooked. 


Hamblen (the nice and cool one) Readies for Cross Season
Alicia Hamblen might be known best for putting up with her husband Jon's crap but she is no doubt the most decorated cyclo cross biker in the Hamblen house.  Their cat Rex is quite good at jumping barriers but Alicia can take him in the turns.  This year Alicia returns to the Richard Sachs Cyclo Cross Bike Game Team where she will compete in Cyclo Cross Bike Games for the Richard Sachs Cyclo Cross Bike Team.  Read more about her at: but seriously she is way cooler than Jon.......well, who isn't!

Bike Game dot Com adds Comment Section and Store
The title in bold says it all.

Mike Jones does not post
Mike Jones (the bike gamer) still has no new posts posted.  Yell at him here:     

Which Mike Jones again?

Becky Broeder keeps up with the Jones' and Promotes Moped Event
Becky Broeder has two friends with the same last name. From what we gather they are unrelated yet prove to be good pals to her.  Also of note is her promotion of a Scooter Rally for scooters that will not raise money to benefit anyone.  Truly a noteworthy cause.  Read more at   for it.

Kenseth Wins Bristol
This time at Bristol Matt Kenseth avoided a bump and run from a Busch and ran away from the field to win the Sharpie 500.  Dale Jr overcame a 40th place starting position to finish 3rd after leading several laps.  Stay up to date with everything NASCAR at or via the "News" link on The Bike Game dot Com.

JR still pulled off 3rd!

NC Cycling dot Com Launches New Series
NC Cycling dot Com ( is promoting a new series of races called the Carolina's Team Cup which is a season long point series to crown the top teams in the Carolina's.  The series will use Collegiate style scoring to encourage all levels of racers to get out and compete.  No word yet on how qualifying will work and if there will be any impound rules.

Erik Saunders calls The Bike Game dot Com
Erik Saunders used his phone to call the The Bike Game on their phone.  Look for a TIME display to be displayed at or somewhere within 200 miles of the USPRO road race championships of road bikin'.

This picture has nothing to do with anything......don't tell we stole it!

Samantha Gets Treat
Samantha Lou got a treat for being that is not it....she got one for being cute and spoiled.


Bike Gamer's Bike Game Riding Bike Gets Stolen
Andy Applegate's prized TT bike vanished before he was to race the World Time Trial Game of the World. Not even Scooby Doo and company were able to find the stolen stead. Still, a borrowed bike came off the bench to aid him in getting 5th place.  Read the crazy report:

Jacob Fetty is holding steady with 66 friends.  Add him @

Cool Band
The Band Th Legendary Shack Shakers is going on a mondo tour.  Why do bikers care?  Cause Guitarist David Lee is a bad ass bike rider.  David gets up every day and rides 3-4 hours before each show.  How cool is that?  Check their schedule and listen to their tunes here: .  Seriously, check them out.


Drunken Idiot
Random dude tries to fight another random dude.  We suspect alcohol was involved.  Luckily Bike Cops were on hand to settle the dispute.


Image not hot right now.


Fight Night
Written by Fetty on 2006-08-28 13:20:37
I think it was from an arguement over who had the coolest croakies

Written by Gametime on 2006-08-28 12:58:07
I bet the one guy wanted to fight because the other guy was wearing the same plaid shorts and boat shoes, and was drinking PBR just like him.

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