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Ultratope 1: Real City

A public projector installation for the Manhattan Bridge Colonnade by BxmC Director Carl Skelton
February 17 to March 31, 2011

Talk and reception
Thursday March 3rd, 2011
6:30 pm
The Museum at Eldridge Street

Originally designed as a grand entrance and toll gate for the bridge, the Manhattan bridge colonnade now stands in excellent physical condition, but a bit apart from its current and historical context in the surrounding communities of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Ultratope 1: Real City, a temporary projection-installation project, will make the most of the colonnade’s architectural quality and character, as a marker for the initiative and sacrifice of so many who have come from all over the world to stake their future on New York City, and in particular on the districts adjacent to the bridge itself: from Broadway in the west to the East River, and from Houston street down to Battery park.

From dawn to dusk through the run of Real City, the frieze of the colonnade will bear basic information about one of the millions of people who have settled in the area over the years: given name, year and place of birth. For that short time, the colonnade will act as a “recovered monument” to one person in particular, and by extension to all who have made the same kind of commitment, investment, or leap of faith. Some will be well remembered as founders and leaders; others have left no more specific trace than a census record, and the aggregate richness of the contemporary urban fabric.

Real City will also stand as the provisional outline of a tribute at another level: to the “soft infrastructure” of local organizations that have formed and re-formed over the years: churches, community associations, museums… each is invited to contribute names and other information about a member of their community, past or present, for the project. Individuals may also submit information for a community member remembered with admiration, gratitude, or love.

The initial "roster" of people celbrated in the project is derived from a combination of traditional research, web browsing, and indirect personal inquiries through local community organizations. Below, you can find basic information and/or links to online sources. For further information, or to propose someone for inclusion in the project, please contact: Carl Skelton, Director of BxmC, c/o NYU-Poly, RH 209/Six MetroTech Center, Brooklyn NY 11201 718-260-4018.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the assistance and support of the New York City Department of Transportation, the departmetn of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Sam Schwartz Engineering, The Museum at Eldrisge Street, and the Bridge Centennial Commission.

The list so far:

Annie (Moore) County Cork

(Hor) Poa, Hor Lup Chui China 1850

Joe (Petrosino) Padula 1860

Sabine (Roehl) Bremerhaven (DOB withheld by request)

Frederick (Nolan) d. 12/2/1865 Born “At Sea”
Municipal Archive Microfilm Death records 1865

Félix (Varela) Havana 1788

Carl (Skelton) Toronto 1961

Maggie (McSorley) 1870 Moneygar

Pierre (Toussaint) 1766 Saint-Marc, St. Domingue (Haiti)

Mac (Haddad) 1909 Aleppo, Syria
NY Times obituary May 12, 2009

Clemente (Soto Vélez) Lares Puerto Rico 1905

Yosef (Eliyahu Henkin) Slutzk 1881

(Lee B.) Lok Toishan 1869

Abraham (Cahan) 1860 Podberezhye

Luther (Gulick) Osaka 1892

Asser (Levy) Recife, d. 1682
Alternate sp. Asher

William (Beekman) Hasselt 1623 pp. 3-4 Arrived 1654 on the Ste. Catherine

Frederick (De Sola Mendes) Montego Bay 1850

Pina (Alleva) Benevento 1866 (opened the shop in 1892)

Samuel (Ackerman) 1888 Yidentz

Vincenza (Benanti) Marineo 1888 22 yrs at 3/25/1911, a victim of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 18 yrs. At 16/2/06

Kaweli (James Covey) ca. 1813 Mani

Marek (Walczak) 1957 Peckham

Johanna (Kindvall) Lund 1967

Davina (Wan) 1957 Hong Kong

Emanuela (Frattini Magnusson) Milan 1959

James (Herring) 1794 London

Thomas (Nast) 1840 Landau

Leon (Colchamiro) Ioannina 1873

Etienne (De Lancey) Caen 1663

Lorenzo (Da Ponte) Ceneda 1749

Angel (Orensanz) Larués 1944

Miguel (Piñero) Puerto Rico 1946

Leticia (Moreinos Schwartz) Ipanema Brazil 1975

Clara (Lemlich) 1886 Kishinev

Wolfgang (Staehle) Stuttgart 1950

(Shi) Yan Ming aka (Duan) Gen Shan Zhumadian 1964

Margaret (Chin) Hong Kong 1954

William (Schickel) 1850 Wiesbaden Freie Bibliothek und Lesehalle 2nd Ave.,_Manhattan

John (Morrissey) 1831 Templemore

Clayton Patterson 1948 Calgary

Joseph (François Mangin) 1764 Chalons-sur Marne

Luigi (Antonini) Volturara Irpina 1883

Jacob (Riis) Ribe 1849

Elsa (Rensaa) Oslo 1944
referred by Clayton

From Amy Stein-Milford, Deputy Director, Museum at Eldridge Street:

Joseph “Yussel” Siegel 1899 Kishinev shtetl in Chisinau, then the capital of the Bessarabia province of the Russian Empire (now the capital of Moldova). He immigrated with his mother and young brothers after the Kishinev pogrom of 1903, settling on Park Place on the Lower East Side. - Amy Stein-Milford Deputy Director, Museum at Eldridge Street

Clara Lichtenstein, Year of birth: 1905. Arrived in America, 1921, Place of Birth: Sienno, Poland. She lived on Attorney Street on the Lower East Side. She passed away July 19, 1995.Amy Stein-Milford Deputy Director, Museum at Eldridge Street

Sender (Jarmulowsky) 1841 Lomaza Landmarks Preservation Commission October 13, 2009, Designation ...

Rabbi Avrohom Aharon Yudelovitch, born 1850 in Russia

Jacob Bodenstein, Year of birth 1898. Country of Birth: Galicia, Poland. Arrived in America, January 31, 1921. Died May 24, 1962.

Mayer Zarnowiecki, Piotrokow, Poland, 1923

Rushka Guterman, Piotrokow, Poland, 1923

Alexander Saelzer Berlin Architect Astor Library

Johann (Jacob Astor) Walldorf 1763

From Ralph Tramontana, president of the Little Italy Merchants' Association:

Alexander (Tisi)
1883 Naples

Vincenzo (Sellaro)
1868 Polizzi Generosa

Carmelo (Tramontana)
1930 Licodia Eubea /Catania

Angela (Caruso)
1933 Licodia Eubea (Catania)

Giovanni (Tramontana)
1953 Licodia Eubea (Catania)

Vito (Tramontana)
1928 Licodia Eubea (Catania)

From John Ciarcia:

Giovanni (Ciarcia)
1872 Avellino

Maria (Fappiano)
1872 San Lorenzello

Tamas (Banovich)
1951 Budapest

Magda (Sawon)
1955 Warsaw