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Letter Carriers
Letter Carriers
Latest News and Resources:
2011 Budget  
Obama budget backs six-day delivery: President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget proposal requires the continuation of six-day delivery by the Postal Service. The administration also promises to work with postal unions and other stakeholders to keep the Postal Service strong for years to come. In setting the amount for “revenue forgone” to cover the costs of free and reduced rate mail, the spending plan says payments will be made “provided that 6-day delivery and rural delivery of mail shall continue at not less than the 1983 level....” Looking to the future, the proposal, submitted to Congress on February 1, states, “The Administration will work with the Postal Service, its employee unions, the Congress, and other stakeholders to make sure the Postal Service (remains) a pillar of the American economy and a vital public resource through the current crisis and over the long haul.” Language in a separate section, however, proposes changes in the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) that could be problematic. The NALC is investigating those proposals and will act to protect letter carriers’ interests. See the USPS section of the budget, with key sections highlighted, here.
  President Obama
Postal privatization a “bad idea,” Obama says: In a citizen question-and-answer interview, President Obama said privatization of government services is “a bad idea most of the time”—and definitely a bad idea when it comes to the U.S. Postal Service. Private firms would love to cherry-pick profitable business from the USPS, he said, but “those companies would not want to provide universal service.” See the video here. (Note: the video continues after the postal question.)

OIG: $75 billion over-charge for pension liabilities: In a special report, the USPS Office of Inspector General strengthens the NALC's case that the Office of Personnel Management badly miscalculated—by $75 billion—the postal surplus in the Civil Service Retirement Fund. More

  Food Drive
A thousand branches and growing: With still more than three months until the annual NALC National Food Drive on May 8, more than 1,000 NALC branches have already sent in their registration forms to participate in the nation’s largest one-day effort to help needy families and “Stamp Out Hunger.” More | Bulletin
Contract training materials:

Material Reference System (MRS) available online: This prime resource for NBAs, RAAs, branch officers and shop stewards in their duties enforcing the National Agreement can be found here.

2009 JCAM: NALC and USPS have agreed to publish the 2009 Joint Contract Administration Manual. Get it online here.
Change your address? Make sure your union can stay in touch with you. Call or write the Membership Department if your address changes.
Contract-related or work rule question? Carriers who need information and assistance should contact the national business agent in their region. Locate your NBA here.
COR Powerpoint: Joint NALC/USPS presentation and notes on Carrier Optimal Routing (COR) in the Modified Interim Alternate Route Adjustment Process (MIARAP) is available here.

The latest Route Inspection Kit is available here. A Route Inspection Kit for Windows Vista is available here.

Route protection materials online are available here.
Online form for bylaw changes is available here.
Representing city letter carriers
of the United States Postal Service
Founded in 1889, NALC is the union of city letter carriers employed by the U.S. Postal Service. Letter carriers delivered 176 billion pieces of mail last year, six days a week, to over 148 million homes and businesses in every city, suburb and town in America.
Fredric V. Rolando,
Fredric V. Rolando

NALC is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and with UNI, an international alliance of communications unions.

Updated February 4, 2010

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