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We have been given the gift of freedom by our forbearers. Let us not squander it.


Queen of Ferelden
Gareth of Oswin (Grandfather)
Celia (Mother)
Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir (Father)
King Cailan Theirin (Husband)
King Maric Theirin (Father-in-Law)

Queen Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir) is the wife of King Cailan Theirin and daughter of Loghain Mac Tir. She is the Queen of Ferelden, a consummate ruler and committed to ensuring economic security for Ferelden.[1]

Anora is both capable and quick-witted: traits which she can use to be charming or to cut someone up verbally—which she will not hesitate to do, if the situation calls for it. It is to Anora's eternal irritation that, had she been born a man, it would have been much easier for her to achieve power in the world. She is easily bored by those of lesser intelligence and often assumes a somewhat imperious manner. She has become accustomed, after all, to being served—though this never goes over the top, as she was not born into luxury. Her father is of common birth and thus she has no "noble blood" herself, and she is no stranger to work. Ultimately Anora is a pragmatist, always making it plainly obvious that what she is saying is the clearest, most intelligent path to take.[2]

Anora puts forward an air of confidence and competence mixed with majesty and grace. She does not use her feminine wiles to her advantage—not because she does not possess them, but simply because it does not occur to her. She uses her intelligence far more readily, as it was how her father raised her. She is direct and often pointed in her manner without being overbearing, until annoyance or irritation wears at her patience. She is very much her father's daughter, and like her father she is capable of setting morals aside to achieve the ends she desires.

Background Edit

Anora was born a commoner, at a time shortly after her father had driven foreigners out of Ferelden. Her father was rewarded with his elevation to Teyrn, so in truth Anora grew up knowing privilege—it was her father that kept her very much aware of her common roots. Her mother died when she was young and thus it is her father that raised her. As such, she inherited her father's skills and mannerisms. According to her father, as a child she acted as if she were the undisputed monarch of the whole world. She never joined the local children in play. Instead she read a lot, followed her mother around like a shadow about the gardens, and practiced archery and swordplay. Later she was moved to the palace where she became friends with her betrothed, the young Prince Cailan, while they were still both children. He was slightly younger than she was, and she would lead him around like a puppy on a leash, deep in adventures together. They once fought an army of ogres in the wine cellar together, or at least that was their explanation for all the broken bottles.

Eventually they were married, and while she is happy enough, it has always been a marriage of convenience in her eyes. She has grown fond of Cailan over time; nevertheless she considers her husband to be something of a fool (albeit a charming, lovable one). She is shrewdly intelligent and capable, and has been more or less running the nation in her husband's name for the past five years (while wishing she were ruling in her own name). Cailan is an easygoing man who cares little for economics or politics, and is thus more than happy to leave much of the business of governing to his wife.

Anora is approaching her thirtieth year and is still childless despite five years of marriage; rumors are spreading that she is infertile, unable to give the king an heir.

Involvement Edit

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“We now have a dog and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party.” — Morrigan
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins. Click here to reveal them.
Anora BDU
Anora leading the Fereldan army at the Battle of Denerim.

Dragon Age: Origins

Anora is first mentioned at Ostagar, if the guard outside Cailan's tent is questioned. He mentions that Loghain and the King argued about her, and that Loghain was displeased by "something that she did or that the king did." (The guard isn't certain about the details.) She is first seen in a cutscene after that terrible battle, standing by her father's side as he claims the title of Regent and pressures the bannorn into supporting him. Later, as her father talks with Howe, she asks whether her father is responsible for causing the death of her husband-and doesn't appear to like his answer.

Rescue The Queen

Once the Warden has informed Arl Eamon that he should call The Landsmeet, the action relocates to Arl Eamon's Estate in Denerim. The Warden's first visit to Arl Eamon's study triggers a cutscene in which Anora's handmaid Erlina appeals for help in rescuing Anora, who has been taken captive by Arl Howe. Thus begins Rescue the Queen.

The Warden first meets Anora face-to-face in the Arl of Denerim's estate after eliminating the barrier keeping her trapped. Not wanting to be recaptured and returned to her father, Anora has disguised herself with a guard uniform, and asks that her identity be kept hidden; if this is not honored when the party is accosted by Ser Cauthrien, the queen will accuse the Warden of kidnapping before fleeing the fight. Either way, Anora will subsequently be found at Arl Eamon's Estate.

Unrest in the Alienage

When the Warden speaks with Anora back at Arl Eamon's estate, she will reveal her suspicions that her father and Arl Howe are behind recent unrest in Denerim's Alienage; she even suggests that The Warden investigate in the hope of finding evidence that will erode Loghain's support.

The Landsmeet

Once evidence has been uncovered, the Landsmeet can proceed. Anora's support has significant impact (though it is not essential for victory); in order to gain it, the Warden must first negotiate with her at Arl Eamon's estate. Anora will support The Warden on condition of reciprocal support as she bids to hold her throne. Other demands and proposals can be discussed, but ultimately it will be the Landsmeet that sorts out the fates of Alistair, Anora and Loghain.

There are four possible outcomes for Anora:

  • Rules alone as queen
If The Warden supports her and does not press Alistair's claim at all (or fails to sway anyone else at the Landsmeet), Anora may rule alone as queen. If her father's life was spared, she will order that Alistair be executed to prevent rebellions. If asked to spare Alistair, she acquiesces after extracting a renunciation of his royal claim.
  • Marries Alistair
Anora and Alistair can be persuaded to marry. This topic can first be broached in Arl Eamon's estate after rescuing Anora, but can also be proposed "off the cuff" during the Landsmeet. Note that Anora will not marry Alistair if he personally kills her father. Alistair and Anora can also marry if Loghain lives and Alistair's personality has been hardened (though Alistair will still leave The Warden's party). They rule jointly as king and queen.
  • Marries a Cousland Warden
If The Warden is a male Human Noble, it is possible to reign beside her if his negotiations are properly handled. The hero must seize the initiative twice to make this happen. The topic must be raised in Eamon's estate after rescuing Anora from Arl Howe while discussing the terms of their "alliance". (Specifically, "What if you had a strong King beside you?") She allows that his deeds and Cousland blood make him a fine prospect, and if he is moderately persuasive she will agree to marry him in return for his support in her bid for the throne. Then, when given the opportunity to declare support for the next ruler, The Warden must state that he will rule at Anora's side. If the player simply declares for Queen Anora instead of mentioning himself, she will not make good on the marriage agreement. She will also refuse to marry the Warden if he personally kills Loghain, regardless of any other factors. Nor will The Warden have the opportunity to "select the next monarch" should a hardened Alistair slay Loghain.
Note: The game may contradict itself as to whether the hero who marries her will hold the position of king-consort or prince-consort. Anora will announce to the Landsmeet twice that he is her king-consort and the Landsmeet quest journal entry will state that the hero is Anora's king-consort and the general of her armies. But should he later mention to Anora that he looks forward to being king after her coronation, she will correct him that actually he is her prince-consort. The epilogue slide will always refer to him as prince-consort, regardless of any mention of either title after Anora's coronation. Adding to the confusion are repeated references to the 'Warden King' in Dragon Age II--though this could merely be out of simplicity or respect.
  • Imprisonment
If Alistair becomes sole monarch, he refuses to execute Anora; she will admit that she would not have been so merciful with Alistair, were the tables turned. However it is implied by a hardened Alistair that, while he won't risk executing her while his life must be tested against the archdemon, he won't show her this kindness after the Blight is over...

The Battle of Denerim

Anora will give a rousing speech to the troops before the Battle of Denerim if she is queen (unless she is betrothed to Alistair and the Warden killed Loghain).


  • Coronation
If The Warden survives the final battle and Anora is queen, her coronation will be shown. As the ceremony ends, Anora offers the Hero of Ferelden a boon and asks about future plans. If Anora is betrothed to Alistair, they will be jointly crowned. During that scene, he will attempt to take her hand in his and she will snatch it away.
Note that the exception for the Battle speech also applies for the Epilogue speeches: if Loghain has been executed and Anora is engaged to Alistair, he will do the talking instead.
The Warden will also be able to engage her in a brief conversation after her coronation regarding her father's death (if Loghain slew the archdemon) and/or her upcoming wedding (if she is betrothed).
If Alistair makes the ultimate sacrifice, Anora takes the throne regardless of who was appointed by the Landsmeet.
  • Funeral
If the Warden sacrifices themself to slay the archdemon and Anora is queen, she will give a eulogy at the funeral, praising valor and expressing gratitude for helping her keep the throne, despite not knowing them well.
  • Slideshow
    • If Anora is married to a hardened Alistair, they both become beloved monarchs.
    • If Alistair isn't hardened and marries Anora, he leaves the ruling to her... unless The Warden becomes chancellor and Loghain is dead, in which case the chancellor will hold much of the power, as Alistair frequently overrules Anora in favor of his fellow Warden.
    • If Loghain dies and Anora stays queen, she builds a monument to him overlooking the Orlesian embassy. If Loghain makes the ultimate sacrifice, over time his bad deeds are forgotten and the statue is treated with reverence. If he was executed at the Landsmeet, it is largely ignored except by Anora herself, who brings flowers to it every year.
    • If Anora becomes sole monarch, she steadfastly refuses to marry, believing no man can live up to the standard set by her father.
    • If Anora marries the Warden, he becomes prince-consort of Ferelden in a lavish ceremony six months after her coronation as queen. It is said that if the two do not end up vying for control of the throne, they will usher in a new golden age not seen since King Calenhad Theirin first united the barbarian tribes.

Return to Ostagar

Within the king's locked chest are letters hinting at the possibility of Cailan "putting aside" Anora in favor of the Orlesian Empress Celene, since Ferelden still has no heir. (Danal at Dane's Refuge also mentions this as a rumor.) Should Loghain be in the active party when the documents are discovered, he reacts angrily. It has since been confirmed that Cailan was indeed planning on leaving Anora for the empress and that "Loghain discovered what was going on". [3]

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Splr daoa
“I do not seek to rule my brethren. I only seek to release them from their chains.” — The Architect
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Click here to reveal them.
Anora in DA:O Awakening

Should Anora be made Queen during the Landsmeet, she will arrive with a group of soldiers following the first attack on Vigil's Keep. She then charges the Warden with the rebuilding of the Keep and the restoration of Amaranthine.

If the Warden arranged to marry her during the Landsmeet in Origins, then she will refer to him as "husband" in Awakening. While there are no physical displays of affection, depending on the dialogue choices made, her voice can display both sympathy and warmth. In the epilogue it is said:

"He returned to life at court, resuming his duties as prince-consort of Ferelden and receiving a hero's welcome when he rode back into the capital. Queen Anora awaited him at the palace gates, and even she could not resist a smile at the sight of the kingdom's hero returned."
If the Warden romanced Alistair and made Anora the sole monarch, Alistair, the "king", will show up instead of Anora to speak with his love. If Alistair married Anora and ruled jointly, Alistair will be the one to greet you at Vigil's Keep.

Quotes Edit

  • "Eamon! I may have done a terrible thing."
  • "I realize that my... actions at Howe's estate may not have painted me in the best light. For that, I apologize and hope that we can start again."
  • "I have ruled this nation on Cailan's behalf for many years. I am a great queen, and as beloved by my people as I love them."
  • "I am tired of ruling in a husband's name. If I marry again, it will not be to become a figurehead. If being a consort is not enough, then marry Alistair. Perhaps he will bend over more gracefully than I would."
  • "It gets you near to the throne. I am the queen, and you are my consort... remember that and we will have no issue."
  • "We have been given the gift of freedom by our forebears. Let us not squander it."
  • Loghain: "Anora's only real loyalty is to herself. She's capable and determined, but she'll sacrifice anything for her goals. Remember that."

Trivia Edit

  • In Bioware's character file for her, Anora's appearance is described as: "Beautiful. Slim."[2]
  • Writer Sheryl Chee has said that when going out for a drink Anora would "skip the beer and go straight to tequila shots."
  • Writer David Gaider said that, "the most important thing to know about Anora is that she is her father's daughter."[4]
  • When Anora is first seen by the party, she is wearing guard armor. The Warden may say "Aren't you a little short for a guard?" Many Star Wars fans know this is similar to what Princess Leia said upon first meeting Luke Skywalker, who was wearing Stormtrooper armor at the time. If a dwarf or elf uses this line, Anora points out the irony. It could also be noted that Leia and Anora both have their hair styled in buns...
  • A letter from Eamon to Cailan, found in the Return to Ostagar DLC, refers to Anora as "nearing her thirtieth year"; the date of the letter is uncertain, but it is likely no older than three years: it is written a year after a particular discussion, about a topic which would not have been of serious concern until after at least a year of marriage, and the marriage was five years prior to the events of the game.
  • One rumor that Bodahn Feddic can pass on is that Anora is barren - unable to bear children - which is seen by some as Ferelden's punishment from the Maker for putting a "commoner" on the throne.

See also Edit

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References Edit

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