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Residential Water Heaters Buying Guide

Whether you are building a house from scratch, remodeling a home or simply trying to replace the broken water heater, knowing as much as you possibly can about residential water heaters is important. Many people are not aware that there are actually two main types of water heaters for the home. There are electric and gas water heaters.

There have been many people who have said that it is cheaper to heat the water with the gas heaters but the thing is, water heaters really do not take up that much fuel or electricity if you have the temperatures set right. You also need to make sure that you have the right size water heater for the amount of people that are in your home.

Unlike a furnace which has it’s size judged on the size of the home, it is the number of people in your family that will be the determining factor for the size of water heater you end up with. If you look at residential water heaters that are too small, you will never have enough hot water for everyone. If you are looking at ones that are too large, you will always have more than enough water but this means that you will be heating water you really do not have to. This can be wasteful.

Some people have a cause for concern regarding the gas residential water heaters. Because the heater is run off natural gas, there is always a pilot light lit. If that lit were to be blown out and the gas is still running to the water heater, you and your loved ones could be at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of these, many people feel much safer with the electric hot water heaters.

Also, whether you have an electric or a gas water heater, it is extremely important to make sure that you making sure that you never allow it to be heated when the tank is full. You must always make sure that the tank is filled completely before you can turn on the heater element. This is to make sure that the water heater does not end up destroyed or catch the house on fire.

When it comes to shopping for your water heaters, you will want to make sure that you are not allowing price to be the determining factor in the type of size of water heater that you get. You will want to shop for new residential water heaters if possible because you will have the manufacturer warranty. Since the heaters generally only run a couple hundred dollars, this should be easily done.

If you are in a tight spot financially and you need another water heater, you can always look for used residential water heaters in your free online classifieds or in your local newspaper. The thing with this though is that you can never really tell if the used water heater will last you four years or four days.

Studies on Diabetes I Found Interesting

Earlier today, whilst sorting through some old files, I came across an edition of ‘Balance’, the magazine of Diabetes UK , from the end of 2004. I’d kept that particular issue because one of the columnists had written about tooth enamel. I’d meant to respond with a letter, but somehow never got around to it.

Flicking through, the magazine fell open at ‘Testing, Testing’, an article presenting the results of a survey carried out earlier that year on blood glucose testing practices of a sample of Diabetes UK members. The survey came about as a result of problems that came to light that year of many people with diabetes being denied adequate numbers of blood glucose testing strips on prescription, and therefore paid for by the NHS, a problem that rumbles on to this day. I’m not sure whether the survey was of any value in opposing the practice, given that much of the data suggested that many people were getting no value out of the tests they performed.

Some of the results were very disturbing. For example only 24% of respondents said they ever tested their blood glucose before driving. Admittedly a number of those in the survey were Type 2, but 34% had Type 1, and a proportion of those with Type 2 were on insulin. Why bother paying for car insurance if you potentially invalidate it each time you start the engine? If you have an accident due to hypo- or severe hyper- glycaemia and the insurance company aren’t satisfied that you’d taken reasonable steps to avoid the problem, they won’t honour their cover. And you could end up being arrested to boot. Or dead.

The one that I found perhaps the strangest of all was that less than half of all respondents at risk of hypoglycaemia said they tested when they felt low. What do the other half do? Ignore the symptoms and wait until they pass out perhaps? Or just eat anyway, and nevermind about whether they need to? If I did that, there would have been times in the past when I never stopped eating. They are probably the same people whose main reason for testing is simply to ‘monitor my condition’, as opposed to adjusting treatment, for tight control or for peace of mind. I guess you can monitor all you like, but if all you get are a string of 20s (360s) then it isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Sometimes, in this unrepresentational environment of the OC and other internet groups and mailing lists, where the vast majority of people are very proactive, highly motivated and want to achieve the best control possible whilst living life to the full, I need to be reminded that an overwhelming majority of people aren’t like that. If that is through choice it is sad enough, but if lack of education plays a part, it’s a tragedy.

Just About To Finish Up Midterms!

Breathe_of_springIt seems when you don’t post daily stuff here {as a remembrance of where you are…. life flies by and you just don’t know where to start to catch readers up. I have missed you all! So I begin again…

Spring IS arriving here. My Daffs are popping their arms above the soil. AHHHh…My favorite season will be upon us soon. A Spring Banner is up again.

Winter here has been gratefully mild, with very little snow… if any. I am so glad I have not had to shovel that cold wet stuff away!

I am finishing up Mid-Terms {3rd Semester: Visual Communications}. I have been asked to be in the Honor Society @ School. See Invite Letter: HERE. I was pleasantly surprised. Two exams are scheduled for next week. One Mid-Term project is still in the works for Illustrator. Many sleepless nights have occurred…. I just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to tend to all I need to do. I am a juggler of many things.

Download a PDF that highlights the projects I have done so far this semester.

I am soon off to the shower, grocery store, then off to the Speedway to take pictures of an old car for my Illustrator Midterm. I think the kids will have fun there and I can kill 2 birds with one stone… If you know what I mean.

As you can see I have been a very busy Mom and will continue to be for sometime… I would like to THANK DAR for his beautiful images sent this way and all the kind notes I have gotten from from friends that have wondered if I died. :-} I have only felt like I have some daze! I leave you with some parent notes in extended post and my smiles as always…. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Til later/soonSunny

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Pcsnowman ~Does anything sit on your computer? If so what is it and why is it there? I sit at this machine much too often and I needed something fun smiling back at me. That’s my PCsnowman over there. I collect snowmen… :-} He is a little beanbag guy that I can place in many positions. {don’t ask which ones} Wish he could talk or sing!

~School has started for me us this week. I am excited about my classes. I am taking:

Electronic Illustration: an Adobe Illustrator class
Interactive Media I: Macromedia Flash class
Web Design I: Macromedia Dreamweaver class
I will fill you on my progress from time to time. Safe to say I will be busy and learning a great deal.

~When you are given a gift, do you write a note of THANKS!?
I have been taught do this gracious act and have neglected my duties. My boys and I am in the midst of that chore. {Guess what? If in the past you have done a deed/gift this way and I have not thanked… I AM THANKING HERE!} Pardon/Pardon ME!
I am so working on getting better. When one has been hurt{and perhaps hurt others un-intentionally} healing robs the self… time and energy is lost. I look back and realize these facts. I have so many Thank-You notes to send! …so many things to make-UP for.

HERE is a sample(i made} for my boys to write on and send to Family and Friends. They have baulked at the idea but humored me in the doing…. we have about 8-10 more to embellish and send. Those are the ones that are the hardest to get sent and out. So IT goes…

See some FUN THINGS in extended post, they brought hummms and smiles this way{via my e-mail friends}. I am off to lunch. Kyle is singing in choir before a B-Ball game tonight… should be fun. Dan and I will cheer. Hope to get pics.

Til later/soon, I send back some smiles..

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Where the heck have I been???

Without my Dell computer, …..IT died!
I have student loan which will come due soon… So I bought a new Multimedia PC yesterday.

School work has been done slowly on my Son’s PC. This semester classes{3} are hard and time consuming.

All of the programs that I need for school take up much RAM….Can you say SLOW Computer?? The old PC it seems just could NOT accommodate the push. It just gave up with the Blue Screen of Death. ~How Fun!~ It has been a long time coming I just thought I could hold off a little longer in buying a new machine. Just not to be…. sometimes you just can’t put off an ending.

So that is where I have been…panicking{many late nights completing projects}, being a Mom to two boys that I love so very much and little time for much else let alone blogging.

I hope to get back to normal here soon.

Thank-YOU all for your notes and comments…. BIG Hugs sent back at ya…. Til Later/ SOON!

a simpler way to ship

That cartoon over there just about says it all for me this Happy Hearts Day. {click to embiggen} Harold’s Planet Rocks! Hope your day is a good one.

Uhhh {perhaps I over-use that idiom..can I find a new one?}… Can you come and rescue me from the shore I seem to have placed my-wee-self? Let me give you an update/explanation of what my space life has been into lately…

School is a non-stop process of learning Design Programs.

Specifically Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Macromedia Studio 8. These programs are intensive and require a large place in one’s life for the learning curve. I am crawling… Just when I thought I knew a bit about Photoshop I find out I really don’t know much at all. Being a Raw Image Photographer I have found their solution to image processing is complicated and time consuming. I praise God above for programs such as Raw Shooter 2005 that make my life so much easier. That program is Windows based. Sorry Mac-Users, that program does NOT accommodate you! Check out Pixmantic for more programs and options!

Most design programs are/or were developed for Apple Computers. Things are changing but process is slow to come. These once Mac Programs really don’t like Windows and switching from one computer to another can be a chore at best. I am there.

Adobe and Macromedia{now a merged corporation under Adobe} know they have great products and charge accordingly! …even student prices are steep… but you have to have them to learn. My pockets are empty. Along those same lines are the resources these programs take up on your computer. 512 of RAM/SDRAM or what ever you may have on you PC just does NOT do it to run Windows and the applications in these design programs. WindowsXP is a hog in space. You have to have a firewall running/virus protection and a number of other things just to keep your machine safe and productive. Enter my new computer….

In my heart-of-hearts I did not want to spend the money to get a new PC. {Thank-God for College Loans!} I had to upgrade from my Dell… it lagged and crashed much to often and my work was lost. Read 10 reasons to upgrade to VISTA when it comes out. Hohummm… Now my problem is making the programs work on my new “fancy” computer. The activation process to relocate these design programs is a pain. If your computer has crashed{like mine has} and you have re-installed your programs a number of times{like I have}, you just can’t re-activate the programs without calling them. …which I have done for the last 3 days now. I still can NOT get the programs to work. Here is the rub: I downloaded all of my work on my external hard-drive and it is sitting there, in a safe place. Adobe Programs will not work on more than one drive at a time…. you have to pay for the software again… or jump through hoops. I am jumping. People in cyberspace have hurt these companies by downloading other peoples activation numbers and thus people like myself have to document what/where/how they are using the programs. IT IS A MESS!

SO… I am waiting for Adobe to contact me with upper-tier support to get my programs working again. Thus my school-work will suffer until I can gain access to them once again. ..and so it goes.

I have found some very cool links lately… check ‘em out when/if you have time. They follow:

* 3,592 games!
* SitePoint {great place for geekie info}
* 101 Tips For Improving Children’s Behaviour {Uhhh, at times I can use all the help I can find!}
* Top 100 Essential Downloads of Free software & Freeware for Windows XP
* The Best Brands of the World {Ever wonder who and how logos or brands were produced? Check ‘em out here}

That is all, til later/soon. Cross your fingers that my programs work sooner than later. Til then I send my smile…

Is it too early for a New Years resolution?

It’s already _ and I already know what I want my New Years resolution to be. However, I know that I should really not wait until then to stop using my phone while driving. It’s a very bad habit that just kind of snuck up on me. I guess it started when I was making the daily commute to pick up the kids from school. It was almost a solid forty-five min of uninterrupted time and I liked to use it catching up with my girlfriends on the phone. Well, one thing leads to another and pretty soon I also began answering txts while driving. I knew that that I was doing was probably not that safe but kind of shrugged it off. Probably the whole reason I’m even writing this post is because I was about an inch from year ending some one on the freeway this weekend because I was ironically checking the traffic on my phone.

I’m really serious about accomplishing my goal so I decided that quitting cold turkey was simply not going to work for me. I need that time to catch up with friends and make other important calls. I need to get what they call a hands free device. Most people refer to these as Bluetooth but there are other options out there as well.

I am actually consider trying a product called the Jupiter Jack which I saw an ad for late last night as I was finishing up some schoolwork. It’s a little device that plugs into your cell phone and then some how allows you to have your phone conversation through your car radio. This allows you to be able to talk on the phone but not be distracted by actually holding it. They are running a special 2 for 1 right now and they are only $20 bucks, which is pretty cheap especially compared to some of the Bluetooth devices I was looking at the mall.

The only thing that has me a little concerned is that there seem to be plenty of Jupiter Jack Reviews out there that are negative. It seems like the company is kind of shady about the way they charge shipping. Other reviews say it works pretty well, especially for the price. I figure with the price of the Jupiter Jack being so low it’s worth a shot and since you can buy it at Wallgreens, a return is easy and I can avoid return shipping charges if need be.

I’ll be back to post and let you know my experiences with the Jupiter Jack. Most importantly I am taking steps to curb my dangerous habit!

A Review Of My Shark Steam Mop

You may already know that I hate to mop. Truth is I don’t know any one who really likes it.  You can imagine how interested I was in the shark steam pocket model that is being advertised on television right now. I am normally not a sucker for these sorts of products that are advertised on TV. I did a little asking around and couple of my friends actually had already purchased the steam mop from Euro Pro. One friend was not very impressed and ended up returning the product. The other two friends seemed to be pretty happy with the results and have been using the steam mop regularly. Up until a few weeks ago, I had been using a combination of the old mop and pale and the swifter wetjet. I would use the wet jet on a weekly basis and then pull out the mop and bucket or a deep cleaning once a month. I just never felt like my floors were really all that clean.

It only took me one cleaning with the Shark Steam Mop mop to fall in love and never go back to my old ways of cleaning the hardwood floors. I was blown away by how easy it was clean sticky spots that the swiffer had no chance of cleaning. I also found that the microfiber pads were better at containing the dirt instead of pushing it around like the old swiffer. It did not take me long until the mop pad was completely dirty. Instead of having to change pads, I simply flipped the mop over and finished the rest of the floor. I also really like the fact that I was able to finish the floor without having to refill the water tank. Another bonus, was that the electrical cord is very long and so I did not have to find multiple outlets to plug it in.

The sharks team pocket mop is not a perfect product or the ultimate solution. It certainly does have its issues. If your floor is really dirty then you have to go over those spots multiple times to get it clean. In some areas may even have to spend minutes, but if you put in the time, the mop does its job. On TV they show the mop heating up near seconds which I found to be a little misleading. It usually took at least a minute if not a little longer before steam was ready. Some users have complained that the shark steam mop left streaks on their floor. I think it must have to do you with that type lower you have because I have not had the streaking issues on my hardwood floors.

Even though the Shark Steam Mop mop is a little on the expensive side I still think it’s a good value. It allows me to keep my floors superclean without having to use chemicals and has cut the task of mopping in half. So far I’ve had the mop two months and it has worked great for me. We will see if the mop can hold up to years of use. I’ll be sure to make an update to this post if I start to have issues.

how can the postal service better meet your needs

I am recovering from Mid-Terms{which BTW we, as students, did not do very well on. More about that later.}… I will be studying and re-working items for my return to school after “Spring Break” which is this week. HoHummm…

While resting my mind from Graphic Design I found the following:

Idchicks193 In a remarkable speech over the weekend, Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt recommended that Americans start storing canned tuna and powdered milk under their beds as the prospect of a deadly bird flu outbreak approaches the United States. {see link} : You gotta be kidding me… “Under our Beds”?

I understand being prepared and I try to be a good Girl Scout, but I don’t believe items “under my bed are going to help me in a disaster of pandemic proportions.

{see “CRISIS PROFILE: Bird flu”}

The picture posted with the article{up to the left}, reminded me of the little ducks/chicks we had once-upon-a-time as a child around Easter in our home. Our’s fortunately were not dipped in paint. Interesting message via picture{?}.

The following helpful suggestions were mentioned in the above article.

Have a plan …uhhh OK:
• Figure out how you’ll care for your children if schools are closed. Plan home-learning activities and exercises. My Boys will be Heaven!
• Find out if you can work from home. Plan for a loss of income if you cannot work or if your place of employment is closed. Can you say/spell economic crash?
• Stock a supply of water and nonperishable foods that don’t require refrigeration and are easy to prepare in the event you can’t cook. For example: ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits, vegetables and soups, and protein bars, peanut butter and nuts. Under Bed Preferred!
• Stock other emergency supplies, such as flashlights, batteries, a portable radio, a manual can opener, tissues, toilet paper, disposable diapers and soap. Diapers for when toilets don’t flush.
• Ask your doctor or insurance company if you can get extra supplies of regular prescription drugs. Don’t stockpile antibiotics because they won’t work against a new strain of bird flu and their shelf life is limited.
• Stock regular nonprescription health supplies, including pain relievers, vitamins, thermometers and a first-aid kit.
• Avoid large crowds, if possible. What consitutes a Large Crowd?

Did you know:

*Egypt has a “Blue Sun”???
*You can view a “Penumbral” Lunar Eclipse tomorrow night?
*March’s Full Moon is the “Worm Moon”?!

Read About THEM HERE.

Hope your Monday is going well…. I hope to do more posting this week, between loads of laundry, appointments and spring-cleaning. I also will be watching some “Design Movies” HERE. I absolutely love for their ability to finally help me get up-to-speed{in an enjoyable manor} with Adobe/Macromedia software. Check ‘em out if you are so inclined.

Til later soon, I send my smile… {Oh and by-the-bye, let me know what you are storing under your bed!}

Shamgreet<–early me; better now than never.