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Published: 1/03/2009 at 12:00 AM
Newspaper section: News

Don't put on that red dress tonight

Siriwimol ‘Mai’ Charoenpura

Actress Julajak ''Ying'' Kritiyarat is apologising for the revealing dress she wore to the Thai film awards _ and taken a poke at a DJ who likened her in that dress to a prostitute.

On the red carpet at the Suphannahongse awards on Sunday, Ying, recently back from overseas, wore a red dress she bought in Milan. A see-through cutaway across the front revealed the top of her thigh, a red G-string, and if that was not enough, a small tattoo dedicated to her French boyfriend.

Spotting actresses who show the most flesh at the film awards is a national pastime. After getting flak for revealing too much on what is supposed to be a formal occasion, Ying brought out the dress in the daytime to show that, away from camera flashbulbs that illuminated her G-string and tattoo, the dress actually looked respectable.

She chose the red dress, which cost about 10,000 baht, because it was the least sexy on offer. She says it slipped, revealing more of her body than she intended, including her ''David'' tattoo, which she had contemplated covering with tape, but then thought better of it.

Some reports called her ''Nong Seaweed the Second'', a reference to actress Chotiros ''Amy'' Suriyawong, whose dress caused a scandal at the 2007 film awards.

Amy's evening gown, which was split up the sides, also slipped, supposedly revealing her pubic hairs (her ''seaweed'').

Her horrified film company boss promptly cut her out of a movie she was making, and Thammasat University, where she was studying, called her in for a reprimand.

Ying, 30, denies she wore the dress to create a scandal. She was not some brash newcomer but had been in the industry since her teens.

''We're supposed to wear something a little sexy on the red carpet _ but if anyone was offended, I apologise,'' she said.

Still, Ying is unhappy after a DJ likened her to a woman who sells herself for a living: ''puying yang wa''.

DJ Mod Dum, who is gay, denies calling her a scarlet woman. He merely expressed surprise that she bought the dress overseas.

According to him, he said: ''Oui, tai! Where'd she get that dress _ it looks more like something you'd buy in Patpong!''

Ying says she has an education, and comes from a good family, thanks very much. She told Mod Dum to keep his big mouth under control, or she could start getting personal herself. Mod Dum has since apologised for his Patpong remarks.

Pity the beef noodle vendors

A comically gruesome horror movie by Poj Anon has a new name, at the film censor's insistence _ though if anything, it is more blood curdling than the original, says its star Siriwimol ''Mai'' Charoenpura.

The film also had to be re-edited three times and the poster changed before it was passed.

From Beef Noodles _ With Human Flesh (Kuay Theow Neua Khon), known in English as The Meat Grinder, we now have Chop Before Tasting - A Bloody Recipe So Delicious You'll Forget You Died For It.

Mai plays a beef noodle vendor at the time of the Oct 14, 1973 student uprising. The censor says the film suggests students who went missing during the uprising ended up being turned into beef noodles.

The trailer shows Mai with a cleaver, soaked in blood. To the calming strains of Srisalai Suchartwut's version of Saneh Ha, an old Thai love song, she washes down blood-soaked floors. We see screaming victims trapped under glass cases, others with missing limbs and an old guy holding up a bowl of noodles to inspect its strange aroma.

Actress Mai, who admits the drama-horror is gory, is baffled nonetheless by the censor's reaction. If anything, the fuss has heightened interest in the film _ the change of name is a hot topic at the popular Pantip web forum.

Producer Poj says he was stunned by another complaint raised by the censor _ that no one would eat beef noodles after seeing what Mai puts into her recipe.

''The censor was worried that beef noodle traders would go out of business. Yet this is a work of fiction _ there probably aren't any traders who use human meat.

''I was stunned, but had no choice but to comply, or the 20 million baht that Phra Nakorn Films spent on the movie would have been wasted, as it would not be allowed to screen.

''Still, even with the cuts, the meat of the film is still there ... it is just less strong than it was before.

''I have no idea what standards they use to call themselves censors ... but I just wish they'd get to appreciate the word 'fantasy' better.''

Ahead of the film's release next month, outspoken Poj is holding a free screening for audiences who want to see the unedited version. Poj says he wants audiences to see the film as producers intended _ in all its bloody glory.

Krerkpol ‘Fluke’ Masayawanit and Chanya Tamada, top.

He texted me first!

A tale of leaked mobile phone text messages, bitterness, and alleged betrayal, the spat between playboy Krerkpol ''Fluke'' Masayawanit and a young model _ his erstwhile friend _ has gripped the Thai media all week.

The lesson for Fluke, who already has a girlfriend: Avoid seeing younger women on the side. For the model, Chanya Tamada: Don't go messing with self-confessed Casanovas!

Paparazzi caught Fluke dining with Chanya at a ''moo kra ta'' eatery in Ratchada. Pictures in Thai papers showed him fussing over his guest _ he adjusted her chair, fluttered his eyelashes romantically.

After the pictures came out, Fluke and Thai-Japanese Chanya turned on each other. Chanya claimed playboy Fluke hit on her first, and questioned his manliness. Fluke accused her of trying to drum up publicity at his expense.

Chanya insisted Fluke invited her, and that they did not meet by chance as he claimed. She opened her phone to show journalists ''good night'' and ''sweet dreams'' text messages he sent to her.

One television channel that showed Fluke's text message on her mobile phone forgot to blot out his number. Hundreds of viewers called, or sent SMS messages to Fluke.

While some criticised Fluke's behaviour, others were curious about the number itself: Fluke, who runs a business selling ''lucky'' phone numbers, says his number is a particularly good one.

Rather than answering those calls from the curious, crafty Fluke left a message plugging the businesses he runs _ he also owns a luxury rental car business, sells shoes and runs a beauty salon. He also redirected the incoming calls to Chanya's number. She ended up getting so many calls that the phone seized up.

''As for the woman who released my phone number on television, if you want to hire her to appear at events, you can get her on number XXX,'' his message said.

Latest? DJ Kwankhao ''Paeng'' Sawetwimol has come to the defence of Fluke, her boyfriend. Paeng says she was by Fluke's side when he sent those lovey-dovey text messages.

She also knew they were dining together. After initially expressing doubts about Fluke's behaviour, she says she now feels sorry for him.

Chanya's boyfriend, socialite Raiwin ''Win'' Jiraponset, has also come to her defence. He also knew about the meal, and agrees that Fluke was flirting.

Nicky ‘The Stick’ Sura Theerakol

Nicky hangs up his stick

Model Nicky ''The Stick'' Sura Theerakol is hanging up his penis, as one gossip rag put it (okay, ''hanging up his bamboo rod'').

The Godfather of Nude, as he is also known, is starting to feel his age. At 30, Nicky thinks it's time he started showing a more serious side of himself, as an actor or producer.

He will quit posing for those nearly-naked modelling shoots that made his name.

Nicky says a recent spell in hospital gave him time to think about what he wants to be.

''I've been having problems in my head _ migraines, because I think too much.

''I spent time in hospital resting. I am now too old for crotch shots.

''Younger models are coming forward, and I can no longer compete.

''I might still do modelling work where I take off my top, show my muscles, but the days of shocking people are over.''

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