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Exclusive: Scots Olympic hero Chris Hoy celebrates triple gold triumph at McDonald's

TRIPLE Olympic gold medallist Chris Hoy went out to paint Beijing red - and ended up stuffing his face at a fast food outlet.

The Scot revealed he was left so drained by his record-breaking feats he skipped a night on the tiles.

But his cycling colleagues more than made up for him during an evening of celebrations.

After a few beers, Bradley Wiggins was seen rolling over the bonnet of a taxi, his two gold medals dangling from his neck, while making peace signs at bemused locals.

Earlier, Hoy, 32, spent a couple of hours with girlfriend Sarra Kemp and other pals in Club Bud, a venue taken over for the duration of the Olympics by beer giant Budweiser.

But he only had a couple of drinks before returning to the athletes' village, where he queued for food at its McDonald's restaurant.

Hoy said: "I missed breakfast this morning because at 4am I had a double cheeseburger and fries and a McChicken sandwich.

"To be honest, the food has been so awful in the village that I've been having McDonald's throughout the Games, not burgers but chicken salads and the like.

"Food isn't something about which I'm too obsessive because I believe in eating what you like so long as it's in moderation and you get the right nutrients at the right time.

"It wasn't a big, mental celebration last night. I think I was too tired to really go for it.

"I felt physically and mentally exhausted. I went out for a bit but just wanted to go to bed.

"I may have got in at 4am but it wasn't a big night. I'll be saving that for a couple of nights' time when I'm fully recovered."

On Tuesday, Chris became the first Briton in 100 years to win three gold medals at the same Games.

Chris spent yesterday relaxing with Sarra, 28, a lawyer from Edinburgh, his parents David, 62, and Carole, 60, his six-months-pregnant sister Carrie, 35, and her partner Gary.

But the Edinburgh-born cyclist got back on two wheels as he posed for pictures on a rickety bike he found by the roadside.

One fan said: "He picked up an old pedal bike from a bicycle stand and jumped on it to pose for the pictures.

"He put it back afterwards - but the police would have had a job catching him!"

While Chris opted for fast food on the night out to celebrate the British cycling team's amazing streak, Londoner Bradley, 28, celebrated in more traditional style.

He spent the night downing beers with nine of his team-mates before emerging just after 1am with wife Cathy, 27, by his side.

Wiggins stunned the locals by rolling over a taxi bonnet before posing with the bemused driver for pictures.

He then stood swaying in the road, making a peace sign with his fingers and shouting: "Peace Man! Peace!"

A British Olympic Association spokeswoman said: "Bradley was celebrating his achievements and rolled over the bonnet of a parked taxi that was waiting outside.

"The driver was not very happy and got out and there were some police officers already there who spoke to the driver.

"It ended up very good-natured, with photos being taken of him, the driver and his medals."

A fellow partygoer at the team's base, London House, said: "It would be fair to say Bradley celebrated with a few beers.

"He was very funny when he left and was posing with locals for photos and making the peace sign with his fingers as he waved goodbye."

Cathy was due to arrive back home with Bradley in Manchester yesterday after her six-day stay in Beijing.

She admitted she was desperate to see their children Ben, three, and 18-month-old Isabella, adding: "They are with my mum and dad and Ben has been watching his dad on telly.

"But I am really looking forward to getting back to see them now."

Meanwhile, British windsurfer Bryony Shaw was so delighted with her bronze medal in the RS:X women's race that she forgot herself - and swore during a live BBC interview.

She announced: "My coach Tom is such a legend. I am so f***ing happy."

The BBC apologised to viewers.

Team GB now have 16 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze medals.

The Government yesterday announced a s400million boost to help produce more elite athletes.

The cash, from the lottery, public funds and sponsorship, will fund more medal hopes to the year 2013.