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Ex-firefighter sentenced to two months in jail for racially charged attack on mailman 

Luke Schreiner, 50, was convicted last month of criminal mischief for hitting mailman, Rene Isidore, 57, in Nov. 2013 in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn.

Published: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 3:02 PM
Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 4:16 PM
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NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpi Jesse Ward/for New York Daily News Luke Schreiner, 50, was sentenced to two months behind bars and three years’ probation for the Nov. 2013 incident.

An irritable ex-firefighter convicted of attacking a Brooklyn postal worker in a racially charged tirade will cool his heels in jail for a couple of months after getting sentenced Wednesday.

Luke Schreiner, 50, who skirted a hate crime rap but was found guilty of criminal mischief, apologized for the November 2013 assault after the victim read an emotional impact statement.

“A fireman is supposed to save lives,” Rene Isidore, 57 said in Brooklyn Supreme Court. “Mr. Schreiner almost ended my life instead.”

He’s been on the job for 25 years and was the first carrier to resume his route in Gerritsen Beach after Hurricane Sandy, he told the judge, adding that he hasn’t been able to return to work since getting slapped by the enraged firefighter.

“I continue to suffer from this unprovoked attack physically, psychologically and emotionally,” he said. “I do not know if I’ll ever get over the fear.”

The 300-pound Schreiner exploded in fury after thinking he got cut off by the mail truck. He hit the mild-mannered mailman and snapped his glasses in half while yelling a racial slur.

Rene Isidore, 57, read an emotional victim impact statement Wednesday during the Brooklyn Supreme Court hearing. Jesse Ward/for New York Daily News Rene Isidore, 57, read an emotional victim impact statement Wednesday during the Brooklyn Supreme Court hearing.

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” the defendant said. “I overreacted. I’m paying for it.”

Isidore did not ask for jail time on the misdemeanor the aggressor was convicted of, telling the judge he should impose anger management and diversity counseling.

“I forgive you and may God bless you and help you with your internal conflict,” he said to Schreiner.

But Justice John Ingram sentenced the former firefighter, who was fired after 18 years following his conviction last month, to 60 days in jail followed by three years’ probation.

“I know you paid dearly,” he told him.

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